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Current Exhibition

Artist Sawyer Rose Examines the Labor of Women

“Force of Nature”: An Exhibition About Women’s Work Inequality Today

Interactive Art Event

Oct. 21st during Oakland Art Murmur Benefit Bash 

6:30pm- 10pm


Curator Dasha Matsuura of Spoke Art Gallery and Oakland Art Murmur presents the multi-media exhibition “Force of Nature” by San Francisco Bay Area artist Sawyer Rose. Part of Sawyer’s ongoing series “The Carrying Stones Project,” which explores gendered work inequality in its many forms, “Force of Nature” debuts a new series of sculptures and photographic portraits that reveals the invisible force that fuels working women.

The underlying concept of “The Carrying Stones Project” plays upon the idea of the oldest tool of mankind― the stone― in a project whose process is deeply embedded in today’s digital technology. The collection of real-life data was possible through a custom-built app that enabled participants to record their unpaid and paid labor, hour by hour. “Force of Nature” uniquely unfolds the data in a quantitative manner through material and documented performance. On October 21st, this app will be featured in a public participatory event at which visitors to the exhibition will get to enter their work-time data and have their portrait taken trying on a “Force of Nature” sculpture in the same way as the women whose histories are told through the project.
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