HeART is Oakland

Oakland, CA - HeART is Oakland was a show by artists for artists, and a moment to celebrate their vital role in making this city’s heart beat. We aimed to raise awareness and spark dialogue about housing and other issues affecting the city’s residents through the work of artists themselves. The ultimate goal was to draw attention to Oakland’s treasures – its artists – and let their works generate meaning and hope in the community.

About the Show: An open call was made to the community, and over 50 artists were included in the show. Local artists from the well-known to the underdog were shoulder to shoulder in our gallery, recreating the rejection of hierarchies and borders that makes the city so rich in possibilities. A silent auction took place during the show, all proceeds of which went towards the support of safe housing for artists.

About the Organizers: HeART is Oakland was a collaboration between FLAX art & design and We the Artists of the Bay Area (WABA), two organizations that provide inspiration, supplies and resources to Oakland’s creative community. Oasis Art Design and Kulturehaus.com were also key players in bringing this show into being and raising awareness. Please visit http://heartisoakland.org/ for additional details and announcements.