July 20 -Sept 1st 2018 

at Classic Cars West

Teryn Brown & Sarah Bowser

LA LA LA is two best friends joining forces with all who “pray in the church of universal harmony, who swim and sing and get drunk in the sunshine, who smell flowers and take care of animals”. LA LA LA is a manic mantra chanted with sticky fingers in both ears to forget the artificial structures that restrict life to the sterile and quantifiable.

LA LA LA is a cock-eyed haven created by two best friends fighting with song and color against the spiritual decay of the hypermundane and its attendant horrors. An audacious celebration of friendship and folly as tactics for making the suits quiver in their boots for the beige future they think we all deserve.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Teryn Brown is a multidisciplinary artist working from her home studio in West Oakland. Her cartoonishly vibrant and lighthearted works explore themes of love, the cosmos, humor, Americana, mysticism, and existential dread. She is the oldest of four kids, only remembers her nightmares, and tries to use her art to bring joy and relief to the good people of planet Earth. She has shown at galleries in Oakland & San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. You can see her work on instagram @lorrainegoldenhar and her web-store

Sarah Bowser is best known for her playful paper-cuts. Working from her home studio in Oakland California, she constructs bright, minimalist snapshots of her environment. The work represents the simplicity of everyday; an attempt to quiet the anxieties of reality, leaving behind only the parts that spark joy. Starting from a few ambiguous paper shapes, suggested forms of familiar objects appear. Flowers, fruit and abstract sculptures are loosely rendered based on objects observed on walks through the city and through nature. Sarah graduated from SFSU with a BA in Art in 2013 and has shown with galleries in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Opening July 20th, 6-10PM

First Friday Aug 3, 6-10PM

Closing Party Aug 23, 6-10PM