Teryn Brown & Sarah Bowser
July 20-September 1, 2018
Opening party : July 20 7-10pm
First Fridays reception: Aug 3, 7-10pm
Closing party : Aug 30, 6-9pm with immersive "Fountain" installation

This show is over! If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact the artists directly (see links below). Thank you for your interest!

Contact Teryn Brown

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What song can you sing when you have no words? When bleary confusion melts into muddled bliss, three syllables suffice to sum up this feeling of dizzy elation: LA, LA, and LA. Teryn Brown and Sarah Bowser’s summer installation at Classic Cars West will manifest these questions and states of cheeky ataraxia in the form of 3D works, paintings and fanciful structures.

LA LA LA is two best friends joining forces with all who “pray in the church of universal harmony, who swim and sing and get drunk in the sunshine, who smell flowers and take care of animals”. LA LA LA is a manic mantra chanted with sticky fingers in both ears to forget the artificial structures that restrict life to the sterile and quantifiable.