Terminal Punk: V Vale, Marian Wallace & Krusty Wheatfield

V. Vale, Marian Wallace and Krusty Wheatfield's explorations of the teeming underbelly of modern life through zines, screenprints, film and photography collectively span more than 40 years. For the month of January, Classic Cars West will be transformed into a living archive of alternative media.

Never-before-seen photographs and original zine spreads by Vale, industrial music and film by Wallace, experimental bio-comics by Krusty Wheatfield, as well as punk ephemera and other underground artifacts from the RE/Search collection will be on display for the counterculture connoisseur and the newly woke alike.

See early work by Bruce Conner and Charles Gatewood, photographs of William S. Burroughs, Andy Warhol, and Genesis P-Orridge, and get up close and personal with the minds behind RE/Search's Modern Primitives, Angry Women, The Industrial Culture Handbook, and more!