OAKLAND, CA: The now-banal statistic is that we take more pictures in two minutes than the whole of humanity in the 1800s. Memories are indeed precious, but what happens when photography is used to create envy instead of empathy, or to mask reality instead of expose it? A counterargument to careless image-making is to photograph intentionally as a group, and to reunite in real time to reflect on how light is captured and why.

Classic Cars West Gallery is thrilled to open the 2019 Season with “& The Others”, an exhibition by the eponymous Bay Area photography collective. As their name suggests, community and plurality are at the core of & The Others’ artistic mission, and a source of inspiration for challenging the aesthetic and political status quo.

Striking analog photography, immersive film projections, and non-standard printing techniques by these seven artists will revivify ideas about this ever-present medium and what it means to create collaboratively in the age of the selfie. Members will display their original work in the uptown Oakland gallery during the January and February First Fridays Street Festivals, and host a special artist’s reception with DJ performances on February 23rd .

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: & The Others is a POC collective of visual artists all based in the Bay Area, CA. Their members vary in creative backgrounds ranging from art to music to fashion, yet the shared focus of the group is based in the practice of photography and the creation of photographic books, prints & exhibitions. The group formed from shared aspiration to grow and support each other as artists seeking to share their work with the larger community. Various members engage in this expansion through the mixing of mediums, examining of existential themes, sequencing images into visual stories, and pursuing a deeper intimacy between oneself and the photographic subject. Members include: Andrew Kodama, Brennan Ko, Cinque Mubarak, Danielle Hirokane, Ephraim Nehemiah, Soen Settanni, and Tessa Shimizu.